Amy Timmerman, RN, BSN, Laser Allergy, Leaves of Life Practitioners

Meet Amy Timmerman

After graduating from Wright State University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, I worked in cardiology and vascular medicine for many years.  Daily I was disappointed by the lack of patient education regarding eating a healthy diet and the importance of exercise. I also observed the many negative side effects that taking daily medications can produce. I decided to make a career change after staying home with my daughter for 5 years. I joined Integrative Hormone Consulting in 2010 as a nurse for Bob Wood providing Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to patients.

In 2016 Patty told me she was purchasing the ASA Balance Laser Allergy Machine.  I am a huge advocate of this program as my daughter was cured from her eczema when she was 5 years old after going through the treatments.  After providing laser allergy treatments to patients for over a year I have seen many of them experience relief from their allergy symptoms.

In my free time I enjoy walking, watching my daughter compete in Irish Dance competitions, and interior design.

Laser Allergy Relief

Laser Allergy Treatment Video

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