About Leaves of Life, Bob Wood, RPh

Meet Bob Wood


After graduating from the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy in 1967, I entered the specialty of community retail pharmacy. I spent 30 years in that discipline until I noticed a shift in retail pharmacy that resulted in my job becoming very stressful.   I decided to make a change when I discovered compounding pharmacy.  I loved the concept  because it enabled me to create a specific pharmaceutical product to fit the patient’s unique needs. I joined a hospice team where our goal was to create prescribed medications to keep the patient comfortable. The nine years that I spent as a part of this team were extremely rewarding.

As my compounding career advanced, I became aware of the lack of patient education regarding bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  I frequently spoke with female patients about their symptoms of hormone imbalance and their concerns about using synthetic hormone therapy. The next twenty years of my life I devoted to studying and learning about the impact of hormonal imbalance in women of all ages. I currently have a successful consulting practice where I work closely with physicians across the state to provide women with a natural hormone replacement alternative.

In my free time I love gardening flowers and organic vegetables on my 15 acre property in Delaware county.   I also have a passion for steelhead fishing with a flyrod. Fly fishing gives me the opportunity to be in the wilderness and be in total solitude with nature. In my opinion, we all need this kind of “fresh air” therapy.