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Laser Allergy Treatment Success Stories!!

“My husband received laser allergy treatments at Leaves of Life. At the start of treatment, he was lactose intolerant, and had multiple environmental allergies that required him to take Claritin daily. After treatment, he’s no longer lactose intolerant, and his environmental allergies, while not completely gone, are much improved. He no longer has to take allergy medicine. We highly recommend laser allergy treatments!” – C.R.

“I no longer have eczema on my legs and arms”

“I can eat corn without getting stomach pain”

“My morning nausea is gone”

“I don’t sneeze and have itchy eyes when I’m on the golf course”

“I feel so calm and relaxed after a treatment”

“I can go to my friend’s house and her cat no longer makes me sneeze”

“I’m finally able to gain weight. I feel so much better now that I can tolerate a wide variety of foods”

“My child’s eczema cleared up completely in just 4 sessions and we have tried everything!”


These are just a few of the success stories from patients who have received Laser Allergy Treatments at LOL.

What are Laser Allergy Treatments??

The ASA Balance machine uses lie detector technology to scan the patient for a dermal stress response to various allergens.

Once the allergens are identified, the patient is re-exposed to the balanced frequency of the allergen while simultaneously going through a process known as immune conditioning. Click here to read a previous blog post that describes this process, and click here for pricing.

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Amy Timmerman, RN, BSN, Laser Allergy, Leaves of Life Practitioners

Meet Amy Timmerman

After graduating from Wright State University in 1998 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, I worked in cardiology and vascular medicine for many years.  Daily I was disappointed by the lack of patient education regarding eating a healthy diet and the importance of exercise. I also observed the many negative side effects that taking daily medications can produce. I decided to make a career change after staying home with my daughter for 5 years. I joined Integrative Hormone Consulting in 2010 as a nurse for Bob Wood providing Bioidentical Hormone Therapy to patients.

In 2016 Patty told me she was purchasing the ASA Balance Laser Allergy Machine.  I am a huge advocate of this program as my daughter was cured from her eczema when she was 5 years old after going through the treatments.  After providing laser allergy treatments to patients for over a year I have seen many of them experience relief from their allergy symptoms.

In my free time I enjoy walking, watching my daughter compete in Irish Dance competitions, and interior design.

Laser Allergy Relief

Laser Allergy Treatment Video

Amy Timmerman, RN, BSN, Laser Allergy

Laser Allergy Relief

Say Goodbye to Allergies!!

In March of 2016, we had a practitioner open house at Leaves of Life, and I had the pleasure of connecting with Ginny Rockenbaugh, a local dietitian who does allergy elimination laser treatments.

Once I started treatments with Ginny and could quantify my own results (see my testimonial below), I began referring patients to Ginny almost daily – most of whom also had significant relief from food, environmental and other allergic responses. Through trial and error, we found the patients who had the best results were addressing any digestive issues alongside laser treatments.

Because so many patients were finding relief from these treatments, Ginny’s practice quickly filled up, and patients were waiting 2-3 months to start treatment.

So… drum roll please!!… about two months ago, Leaves of Life purchased our very own own ASA laser!  Patients are amazed at the accuracy of the laser in pinpointing specific allergens and areas of concern, as well as receiving significant symptom relief.  We’re excited to be able to offer this therapy to our patients – just one more piece of the holistic picture we’re trying to build here!

How it works:

Immune conditioning is performed with a Class III Laser by stimulating specific nerve bundles in order to “re-educate” the body’s immune response to act appropriately in future when exposed to the actual allergen/s. This is based on age old principles of acupuncture with the advanced use of lasers instead of needles.
For example, if milk allergies are to be addressed during a session, the laser will introduce the frequency for that particular milk allergen into the body. If a stress response is detected, the system will catalog it. Then, the practitioner uses the laser to stimulate specific acupuncture points which release endorphins and other chemicals that overwrites the inappropriate, inflammatory response with a new, positive response.
Now, instead of that allergen causing your body to go into a habitual allergic reaction, the nervous system is retrained to respond normally when you drink milk. Through this three step process, a reconditioned nervous system response is developed which replaces the old pathway, thus ridding you of that specific allergen.

The treatment takes between 20-30 minutes and is non-invasive and completely pain-free.

Laser allergy treatment can provide relief from food, environmental, animal and seasonal allergies and also benefit the following conditions

  • Asthma
  • Anxiety
  • Body Pain
  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Inflammation
  • Pain
  • Sinusitis
  • Skin conditions (Eczema, Psoriasis, rashes)


Allergies and Eczema

“My daughter suffered her entire life with many environmental allergies and eczema.  We tried many over the counter and prescription meds to treat her symptoms. We found that they would help slightly, but nothing ever took her symptoms away. That’s when I started looking for a therapy that wasn’t invasive and didn’t involve taking meds. I started reading about laser therapy and immediately scheduled an appointment with Ginny.

After 2 sessions I noticed her eczema was improving. After the 4th session all her eczema was gone. It is now 3 years later and she continues to be eczema-free! Based on my personal experience, I know first-hand the potential benefits of this machine. As a medical professional, I’m excited to now be able to provide this service to our patients.”

Amy Timmerman, RN, BSN, Laser Technician at Leaves of Life

Bees, Beer, and Barkers

“From an early age, I’ve struggled with asthma and allergies, which, despite my best efforts, have not responded well to natural therapies.

Over time, I’ve become intolerant to multiple foods – including wine and beer. Also, as a new beekeeper, it was frustrating to find that bee stings would swell up for a full week, driving me completely bonkers with the incessant itching. And though I love dogs, being in their presence would trigger asthma, itchy eyes and runny nose within about an hour, sooner if the dog was particularly active

I arrived at our first session on a particularly overwhelming day at the office. Ginny strapped a wrist cuff on me and we chatted while the machine used biofeedback to scan me (the machine can test for over 100,000 substances, including emotional states, foods, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, heavy metals, viruses, pesticides, bacteria and more, but it divides these into 13 different “chunks” because asking the body that many questions at once would not yield accurate results). Up on the screen came the list of things “bugging” my system.  My jaw dropped to see “overwhelmed” right on the top of the list. The food list was mostly familiar: eggs, dairy, gluten and sugar, plus a few other things I hadn’t known were an issue.

Ginny began stimulating acupuncture points with a red/green/blue laser, which triggers an endorphin release while the wrist cuff simultaneously reintroduced frequencies that matched my list of allergens. She explained that this reprograms cellular immune memory, essentially convincing the body that things it previously considered allergens are, in fact, harmless. During the 30 minute session, I became so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. Ginny said this was common and usually short-lived. By the time the session was completed,I felt the most relaxed and emotionally centered I could remember feeling for a very long time. Ginny treated me for eggs, dairy, sugar and a few other things, and I was told to avoid these foods for the next 24 hours.

Because my symptoms of discomfort were very mild with these foods, and because I rarely ate them, I was uncertain how much difference the first session made for my allergies. Over the next few sessions, we cleared multiple vitamins, minerals, amino acids, food additives and more foods. I was unsuccessful at clearing for pollen and mold, but I attributed that to my inability to avoid these post-treatment for 24 hours since my windows are open a lot at home.

After the 4th session, I decided to move my bee hives about 15 feet to a new location that would offer them afternoon shade…my reward was 5 stings….which never swelled or itched at all. In fact, 3 days afterward, I could not even see any evidence of the stings. A week or so later, a friend brought over some special wine she’d found while traveling, and I decided to indulge. It was about 6 pm the next evening before I realized I had suffered NO consequences. Several exposures to dogs over the past 6 weeks have also been uneventful.

The amazing thing to me is that we hadn’t even treated for any of these things with the laser, but because we’d layered off many other burdens, this made my immune system more tolerant.

Many patients want to know if allergies are eliminated “forever”, and the answer is that if the same internal conditions that precipitated the inappropriate immune response persist or return, the body could again become sensitized.  As with anything, the best results, whether short or long-term, are seen with a holistic approach to improving overall health…an approach that encompasses a healthy diet, lifestyle and stress management.  For more specifics on how you can prevent the return or development of food sensitivities, click here.

Patty Shipley, Naturopath, RN, founder and owner of Leaves of Life

Tired of your allergies? Call 614-888-4372 to schedule your appointment.  Treatments are $75 and take approximately 30 minutes.

Meet Amy Timmerman

Laser Allergy Treatment Video

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