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Meet Karen Bush

Karen Bush, National Board Certified Health and Wellness coach (NBC-HWC) has the distinction of being among the first coaches in the country to be Board Certified through the
National Board of Medical Examiners, a designation that places her in the top tier of health coaches in the US. Her experience in healthcare began after receiving her Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and working in hospitals and rehabilitation centers around the country.

Realizing that she needed to be on wellness side of healthcare, she trained at Duke University’s Integrative Medicine Health Coach training program, one of the pioneering programs in health coaching. Her training involved extensive work in positive psychology, mind-body medicine, motivational interviewing and the principles of behavior change. Karen is a former health coach at the Center for Functional Medicine at the world renowned Cleveland Clinic, where she worked with an exceptional group of collaborative physician providers, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and dietitians. She obtained further certification through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA) a collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

Karen now works in private practice and in collaboration with Dr. Emily Roedersheimer to help her patients navigate and support the lifestyle changes that are the hallmark of functional medicine. Our goal is to help each patient live their best life, achieve their goals and ultimately find success with a functional medicine approach. She blends integrative and functional medicine to provide a root cause, holistic practice that supports Dr. Emily’s personalized plan for each patient.
On any given day, you can find her rowing on the mighty Cuyahoga river, biking, practicing and teaching yoga, hiking with her husband and dog Jackson, traveling, and cooking plant based meals for her family.

Karen provides virtual coaching sessions as part of the practice, to support you in living your happiest and healthiest life.

Karen says: “In functional medicine we look for the root cause.  Oftentimes, stress is an underlying and not always obvious trigger to symptoms and health issues.  Our awareness around how stress affects our bodies on a deeper level is often pretty low.  One of the tools I use as a Functional Medicine Health Coach is something called HeartMath.  At its most basic level it uses breathing exercises that combine awareness of a heart centered breath and gratitude.  It is a way of slowing down the reaction to stress and allowing it to dissipate so it doesn’t affect our body adversely.  To add more to the breath work, HeartMath also has a simple biofeedback device called Inner Balance,  that can help the user identify areas of stress and how stress feels in the body.  When stress is present chronically, even in small amounts, we tend to habituate to it and after time we don’t notice it at all, but it is still very present.  If you think that stress is an underlying issue for you, maybe considering this as a tool to learn how to respond differently might be a key to your well-being.  Find out more at Heartmath.com or reach out to Karen Bush, health coach at clinicalcoordinator@balancedlivingfm.com

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